Teaviewer 15

Download for Windows | Mac OS


TeamViewer 9.0

Click to Download For Windows | For Mac OS


Other Hikvision OEM Downloads

NVMS7000 For Windows |For Mac OS   (for LTS)


iVMS4200 V3.7.0.5  For Windows | For Mac OS   (Hikvision)   |   Hik-Connect Smartphone |  Android APK


GuardingVision For Windows | For Mac OS (GuardingVision)


NVMS-1000 For Windows | For Mac OS


IP Portal 【Discover online devices】 For Windows Only


Video VS Player  For Windows |  Mac OS


Securlink DVR Software Downloads

SmartPSS for Windows | For Mac OS | For Mac OS Compatibility Version


Configuration Tool

ConfigTool for Windows | For Mac OS

APP for Smart Phone: DMSS


Securlink DVR Manuals

DVR Manual Link: Download

LPR Manual: Download


RMA Form Link Download 

TIP: RMA required to request from Support, and forward to


IP Camera firmware update 

SL-IPC T7828C-V2 Link: Download

SL-IPC T6828-IL Link: Download

SL-IPC T6428-IL Link: Download

SL-IPC-T7428C-V2 Link: Download

SL-IPC-T58VF Link:Download


NVR/XVR firmware update:

SL-NVR-5104-L/5208-L/5216-L Link: Download

SL-NVR-4104/4208/4216/4432 Link: Download

SL-NVR-8808AI/8816-AI Link: Download

SL-XVR-6104B-V2 Link: Download

SL-XVR-6108B-V2 Link: Download

SL-XVR-6216B-V2 Link: Download

SL-XVR-6632H Link: Download